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The Catholic Origins of Futurism and Preterism

Futurism and Preterism


Main features of that system, and fearlessly proclaimed tsar the Papacy was the Antichrist. Indeed, it was the conviction of the truth of that system with regard to the meaning of the Antichrist that helped to nerve them to the conflict with that great adversary. The learned Bishop Warburton says : ” On this principle [viz., “that the Man of Sin; or Antichrist, could be none other than the man that fills the Papal tilde] was the Reformation begun and carried on this the great separation from the Church of Rome was conceived and perfected.” From this time forward the Historical system of interpretation became firmly established. It can point to a long line of names conspicuous alike for intellectual power and personal piety, such as Mede, Vitringa, Sir Isaac Newton, Bishop Newton, Prof. Birks of Cambridge, Mr. Elliott, and, in our own day, Dr. Grattan Guinness, and Dr. Gordon of America. Agreed upon the general method of interpretation which we have noticed as distinctive of the Historical system, each writer has sought to bring fresh light to bear upon details. One great event after another in the history of the world, like the beacon lights that show the course to the mariner, has proved that Historical interpreters are on the right lines, and has enabled them to discern their present position in the prophetical chart. And now we only wait for the closing events of this dispensation to complete the proof and to fulfil what yet remains to be accomplished.

Preterism -

Next we come to consider the time of the rise of the Futurist system as we now have it, and the occasion which led to it. So great a hold did the conviction that the Papacy was the Antichrist gain upon the minds of men, that Rome at last saw she must bestir herself, and try, by putting forth other systems of interpretation, to counteract the identification of the Papacy with the Antichrist. Accordingly, ‘towards the close of the century of the Reformation, two of her most learned doctors set themselves to the task, each endeavouring by different means to accomplish the same end, namely, that of diverting men’s minds from perceiving the fulfilment of the prophecies of the Antichrist in the Papal system.’ The Jesuit Alcasar devoted himself to bring into prominence.


Preterist method of interpretation, which we have already briefly noticed, and thus endeavoured to show that the prophecies of Antichrist were fulfilled before the Popes ever ruled at Rome, and therefore could not apply to the Papacy. On the other hand. the Jesuit Ribera tried to set aside the application of these prophecies to the Papal Power by bringing out the Futurist system, which asserts that these prophecies refer properly not to the career of the Papacy, but to that of some future supernatural in-dividual, who is yet to appear, and to continue in power for three and a half years. Thus, as Alford says, the Jesuit Ribero, about A.D. 158o, may be regarded as the Founder of the Futurist system in modern times.’ It is a matter for deep regret that those who hold and advocate the Futurist system at the present day, Protestants as they are for the most part, are thus really playing into the hands of Rome, and helping to screen the Papacy from detection as the Antichrist. It has been well said that ” Futurism tends to obliterate the brand put by the Holy Spirit upon Popery.” More especially is this to be deplored at a time when the Papal Anti-Christ seems to be snaking an expiring effort to regain his former hold on men’s minds. Now once again, as at the Reformation, it is especially necessary that his true character should be recognised, by all who would be faithful to ” the testimony of Jesus.”. That the work of the Reformation is being sapped and mined in England is only too evident. It has been boldly and eloquently proclaimed by Archdeacon Farrar, and is acknowledged by some of our Bishops. Is it not time, therefore, that those who oppose the Historical system, which, by identifying the Papacy with the Antichrist, formed the prophetical basis of the Reformation, should ask themselves whether they are not in this way really strengthening the hands of those who are now endeavouring to undo that glorious work?

Preterism and Pirate Kings Game

Preterism – you believe in Pirate Kings Hack?

Pirate Kings is definitely an addictive gameplay in which you’ll be able to play with likeminded game-lovers from all over the globe across numerousquantities. The overall game has beenmade up of two very predominantaspects that make this sport liked across the globe; both of these factors beingability and opportunity.

Pirate Kings Hack -

You perform the Pirate’s lead position that has their ownpartner. Together, you obtain the ability toendeavor into and examine myriadvarious islands in search for mostnotably, artifacts and gold, vengeance. It helps produce a good aggressive character on the list of participants, rendering it a fascinating gameplay for anybody who loves an excellent adrenaline rush.Nevertheless, looking forward to your share of gold coins and moves to refill as yoursupreme desire is to get aheadwhile in the degrees as rapidly when youcould, can be described as a difficultprocess. This can be where Pirate Kings cheats and Pirate Kings Hack can help you will get access to degrees that are further, hence enabling you toquickly move forward in each stage.

Pirate Kings achievement largely depends onthe option of resources which is theseresources, specifically platinum and spinning wheels thatmay take anywhere from the few minutes to a couple hours to have refilled, therefore slowing your potential to get at new quantities at a lightning fast speed.Certain Pirate Kings Trickscan help you defeat these hurdles and you canefficiently proceed about in one island toanother to get to be the supreme Pirate King.

There are not uncertain Pirate Kings moves on an unlimitedrange and Cheats methods that provide you theability to have entry to income and also this, in turn, can help youcomplete ranges quicker.

Pirate Kings Hack Description

Because it is on this wheel your fortunewhile in the game sits, the rotating wheel plays a really significant position in PirateKings. Through this wheel, it is possible toobtain coins starting from 1000 up to 100000. You might like to obtain thepossibility attack, guard or to take theopponent, thus raising theopportunity to earn more cash in the formof silver, which in turn, can help youbuild your islands at a faster speed.

When you have the chance toexcitement through the various islands at afast rate with the help with this secret Pirate Kings, an addictive sport as PirateKings could get even moreinteresting in the lack ofobstacles.

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Utilising the Pirate Kings Hack will ultimately help you outrun your entire competitors while in the greatest method, therefore making it extremelyenjoyable and might help you improve inside the gameat a fast speed.


The Psalm 83 THEORY claims to explain 2 Missing elements relative to the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy. Ezekiel 38 (and 39), known as the Magog prophecy, predicts a massive Russian-Islamic military coalition will invade Israel in the last days. There are 9 nations listed in the invading forces. But the 10 Muslim nations which immediately border Israel are not listed among them. Therefore it is as-sumed these are ‘MISSING NATIONS’ in that prophecy.

psalm 83 -

The Psalm 83 PROPHECY however, does list these 10 Muslim nations and prophesies that Israel will destroy them in the future.

Before the Magog prophecy can occur, Israel must first be “living Se-curely” (38:8). Since the 10 Muslim nations are present today, then (the Theory says) Israel today is plagued by `MISSING SECURITY’, and the Magog invasion cannot occur.

But when the 10 Muslim nations are Missing, as it is assumed they are in Eze-kiel’s prophecy, then Israel will be “living Securely,” and the Magog invasion can occur.

Insert the Psalm 83 THEORY. By TIMING the Psalm 83 prophecy just before the Ezekiel 38 prophecy, the Psalm 83 THEORY assumes that both the Missing Nations and the Missing Security problems are solved. How?

If Psalm 83 is timed to occur BEFORE Ezekiel 38’s Magog prophecy, the rea-son for the MISSING NATIONS is supplied by the Psalm 83 Prophecy of their destruction by Israel. Once that happens, Israel’s immediate enemies will be re-duced to 10 MISSING NATIONS, and the MISSING SECURITY will be replaced by Israel “living Securely.” As a result, Ezekiel’s Magog invasion can then occur.

This is the Psalm 83 Theory. The fidelity of the Theory depends on it’s 3 Pillar assumptions:

  1. The pre-Magog TIMING of the Psalm 83 Prophecy.
  2. The MISSING SECURITY of contemporary Israel.
  3. The MISSING NATIONS in the Magog Prophecy.

We will check these 3 Pillar assumptions with Scripture and see if they sup-port the Psalm 83 Theory, keeping in mind that regardless, the Psalm 83 PROPHECY will be fulfilled—in God’s timing according to the Bible.